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How It Works

We require an appointment for any consignment drop off or pick up.

We kindly ask that no consigning is done on Saturdays as those are our busiest days.

We strive to make this an easy and safe process for both our customers and our staff. This will ensure someone is available to review your items.

You can find our contract below. By scheduling a time and dropping off items, you agree to the terms of the contract.

Consignment Gowns We Accept

Bridal Gowns We Accept

  • Must be less than 5 years old
  • Dresses of all shapes and sizes 0-30

Special Occassion Gowns We Accept

  • Must be less than 5 years old
  • Dresses of all shapes and sizes 0-30

Gowns We Currently DO NOT Accept

  • Under no circumstances will we be able to accept gowns considered vintage or that are in preservation boxes
  • Gowns with pickups on the skirt
  • Fully ruched gowns
  • Gowns over 5 years old
  • Gowns with discoloration on the sequins or fabric
  • Preserved gowns MUST COME UNBOXED
  • Gowns must be ready to wear with no damage what so ever. Dressed To a T reserves the right to not accept an item for any reason.

More Questions? We're Happy To Answer Them!

Here Are Our Frequently Asked Questions

How Long is Our Agreement For?

Items will be displayed for 12 months.

Our consignors can check their account online to see if consigned items have sold, or they can call the shop to inquire. Dressed to a T will issue you a check when requested by the consignor, and it will be available for pickup or by mail with a self-addressed stamped envelope.

We do not buy dresses, you will receive a check once your dress sells, if it sells during your contracted period.

Yes, with a $10 early termination fee.

No, it is the consignors responsibility to keep track of their items. Dressed To a T will provide multiple ways to access this information.

Login with first and last name, no spaces, and no caps. Dressed to a T sets a temporary password that the consignor resets.

We are not able to supply you with a receipt but appreciate the donation.